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Mutual Appreciation star Justin Rice's Chilean Adventure

The "star" of a small, self-distributed US indie feature gets VIP treatment in Chile. Here is a taste of Mutual Appreciation's lead actor Justin Rice's notes from his trip to Chile to accompany a screening of the film at a festival there:

" Then it got surreal. I went to a lunch at the Bi-National Center, and sat
at the head of a giant table complete with white tablecloth. As the
waiters, who looked sharp in their tuxedos, poured glasses of wine and
served up the four-course meal, I was introduced to various filmmakers,
producers, festival programmers, and animators, most of whom were old, and
all of whom were baffled that young people responded so well to the
festival in general and to Mutual Appreciation in particular. A few weeks
ago, the U.S. embassy asked me for a bio, and I wrote one that was meant,
mostly, to be funny. Tounge, cheek, etc. They had translated this bio
into Spanish, and read aloud to the assembled host. I had a little ear
bug so I could hear the translator, who hovered behind everyone and
pretended not to exist."

Sounds like something that would happen in an Andrew Bujalski movie. Hilarious (big smile on my face as I type this).

Here is the link. Enjoy.

Mutual Appreciation is now screening in various US theaters. Check here for dates.

- Sujewa


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