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DNO in NYC flashback 2 - NYC Premiere of Date Number One went well :: Tired from an overnight 6 hour Greyhound trip

Originally published 9/1/06

But, I did get to sit next to a model from Ethiopia all the way from NYC to DC, some lively company on the loooong Greyhound trip overnight.

The NYC Premiere of Date Number One last night at Pioneer Theater went very well. I will have a more detailed post about the event this weekend, after I get some real sleep & deal with this cold that is coming on. Don't have the exact tix sales & attendance figures (will have them soon) but it looked like 30 - 40 people attended the screening & perhaps 40 - 50 tickets were sold (advance tix sales, some people who bought tix did not show up).

People laughed at all the right places, did not have any major projection issues (thanks to the excellent Pioneer projectionist whose name I sadly do not recall; Tom? Jim? anyway, you rock).
Story 3 starring Steve Lee & Kelly Ham got the biggest laughs as usual. More on reactions to various stories soon.

Ray the programmer gave a great introduction to the film & the director. All the work put into this screening was worth it for that alone.

Some of my iLOOP & IF06 friends came to the show. New collaboration plans were hatched.

Yeah, it's not just hype, NYC is a fun & exciting place to be. Looking forward to doing more work there.

Also, photos are coming from last night's screening.

time to eat & sleep, talk to you soon

- Sujewa


Jacky Treehorn said…
Hiya Sujewa,

Sounds like a week-end of "DNO" well done. Waiting for the pics and detailed overview. I know how you feel. Back from the road and exhausted myself. Both better get some sleep!


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