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Rick Stevenson joins the '06 Self-Distribution club

The big new story in indie film this year is self-distribution. The story got started way back in early '06 with Four Eyed Monsters distro news. Then it continued with stories on Kicking Bird, Head Trauma, Date Number One (that's my movie! :), Mutual Appreciation, Jumping Off Bridges, etc. As regular readers of this blog know, I am all about celebrating self-distribution, so if you missed any of the original entries re: self-distro of mentioned films, go back & look: it's archives time baby! The latest filmmaker to get major blog press re: self-distribution this year is Rick Stevenson from Seattle. His film Expiration Date sounds very interesting (bonus points for the minority - Native American - lead, go Rick!), looking forward to checking it out. Here is the GreenCine interview with Stevenson.

- Sujewa
special thanks goes out to Jerry "Hollywood Is Talking" Brewington for pointing out the GreenCine interview. thanks JB!


Jacky Treehorn said…
Heck nah Suje! Thank you for blazing trails. Get yourself and "DNO" out to the grid as soon as you can.

The Sujewa said…
Hey JB,

DNO will get out there, one way or another, soon.

Talk to ya soon.

- Sujewa
Anonymous said…
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