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SLOW ROMANCE movie (2020) color test video

Werewolf Ninja Philosopher at Vimeo VOD

link to a FAY GRIM review


Two Che Guevara films coming from Soderbergh

A few Date Number One images, praise, Sat 11/4/06 DC show info

INLAND EMPIRE, December, links for 3 theaters

Thanks $1000 Spielberg blog

Date Number One screening/We Are Family benefit Sat 11/4 DC

Just finished writing the 3 page synopsis (or is that a treatment in H-wood lingo?) for a South Asian war movie :: a good reason to film in SL

Fri 10/27/06 Notes: '07 project, Catch A Fire, DNO 11/4 DC

Saw American Hardcore

Phil Hall drops by The House Next Door for a chat about independent film distribution book

While indie film gets ever more indie (thanks DV, web & self-distribution!), IFP warmly embraces Hollywood with '06 Gotham Awards

DNO still of the day: Rupa/Dele Williams

InDigEnt has made several good & interesting movies so far

Excellent document: Scott Kirsner's "Getting Paid: Sites that Help Video Producers Make Money"

On my list to watch: Young Soul Rebels (1991)

Andrew Bujalski in DC this weekend w/ Mutual Appreciation

Mutual Appreciation opens in DC this weekend

Mark Andersen & Mark Jenkins (Dance of Days) talk with the makers of American Hardcore in Washington City Paper

What's the status of internet VOD Jonathan? :: A mini-interview with GreenCine's Jonathan Marlow

Appalachian Hardcore?

Shooting People likes DIY Filmmaker Sujewa blog

"one of the hottest up-and-coming DIY filmmakers" - Cinematical

Doug Block's 51 Birch Street opens in NYC tomorrow

YouAreTV's FAQ item re: converting DVD footage for web's Interview re: Date Number One & self-distribution

GreenCine Daily mentions Amir Motlagh's review of Date Number One

Date Number One screening/We Are Family benefit, Sat 11/4, Washington, DC

Angry Filmmaker on MySpace

***** time for a little celebration - got the 1st check from a US theatrical booking of Date Number One ! :)

51 Birch Street opens on Wed 10/18 :: my interview

Got ANYTOWN, USA in the mail yesterday


David Lynch to self-distribute Inland Empire

All Our Power's definition of punk

Date Number One screening Sat 11/4 @ Warehouse Screening Room, WDC

American Hardcore interview at Washington Post

The Departed is excellent :: 3 indie film reviews coming this week

Thu 10/5 Kensington screening: a rejuvenating experience

Date Number One: Central Europe possibly soon, Kensington, MD tomorrow (Thu 10/5, 7:30 PM)

the least expensive way to produce DVDs that i can think of

Amir Motlagh's Review of Date Number One

Made some progress on the YouTube project

Indie Film Blogger Road Trip