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American Hardcore interview at Washington Post

Looks like the makers of the doc American Hardcore engaged in a discussion with a few interested Post readers recently. Here is a slice from the on-line discussion/interview:

" Steven Blush: "American Hardcore" is not just a rock documentary. It is a testament to the power of youth. These bands didn't change the world, but they changed the music scene forever. When you look at bands today, there's stage diving and slam-dancing and ferocious lead singers, and DIY records and DIY tours. And that is the legacy of hardcore, or formative bands like Black Flag, Minor Threat and the Bad Brains.

Paul Rachman: What all these bands had when they were kids, when these guys started, these guys were strong. They didn't fear failure, they trusted and acted upon their gut instincts, and they didn't care what anyone thought of them. Those are important things for youth today to have in anything they do. That foundation is always solid. "

Looking forward to checking out the flick when it gets to DC.

- Sujewa


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