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Amir Motlagh's Review of Date Number One

The ever productive West Coast based indie/D.I.Y. filmmaking champ Amir Motlagh recently took a break from his work (he is currently at work on a feature called Whale, also creating & putting out music & other art work) & checked out my new flick Date Number One. Here is a little bit of the goodies from his review of Date Number One, which was posted today at his blog Still Lover :

"The film is very specific to its location, and its quirks and ticks represent the feelings and moods of the particular area [DC], which I find almost exclusively missing from Hollywood films. The films first scenario is about a Ninja looking for Love. As tough as that is to swallow, and believe me, I had a hard time at first, but somehow, someway, in the end, the love of the characters, the postiveness of the film, and Sujewa’s disregard for conventions wins you over. The act of making this film wins you over. There is only a positive through line in this film, and that is rare to see, especially when dealing with characters in their late to early thirties."

Read the rest of the review here.

Thanks Amir for checking out the movie & writing about it!

- Sujewa
P.S. - Date Number One screens in Kensington, MD on this Thu night. Go here for all the details.


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