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Appalachian Hardcore?

Here's where I heard about it:

Here's the MySpace page for the band O'Death:

From an article about the band (

"An ensemble of guitar, banjo, electric fiddle, ukulele, and junk percussion, their ingredients—like some crazy backwoods whiskey mash—are varied. Old-timey ghost songs and gospel call-and-response rave-ups meet punk sensibilities. Guttural howling over twangy instrumentation, stomps and shouts, and the sinner's simultaneous pleading/don't-give-a-shit evocation of greater power surge through each raucous number. At other moments, the songs are more deliberate, measured, pensive—the day after a drinking binge during which you punched your best friend in the face and then went home alone to savor the memory of someone lost and gone. But even this, to a certain degree, is celebratory—every party has its quiet moments by comparison; even dancing skeletons need time to catch their breath."

Sounds very interesting. Must check them out.

And by the way, on a slightly related note, Date Number One has some sweet bluegrassy rock music, courtesy of the brothers Cory & Yann Seznec (who also, along w/ Shervin Boloorian, are the fictional band The Punk Mariachi All-Stars in the movie, they made some real music, look out for it perhaps on the DVD or in the latest version of the movie). Maybe we will create a soundtrack CD at some point.

- Sujewa


Jacky Treehorn said…
This sounds right up my alley, Sujewa. Gonna nab some of their tracks. I heard some Bluegrass and Appalachain music when I was home in South Carilina that had a very hard edge to it. Excellent.

Thanks for the point.

The Sujewa said…
Sounds excellent JB. I thought you would be into this band.

Talk to you soon.

- Sujewa

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