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The Departed is excellent :: 3 indie film reviews coming this week

Just saw the new Scorsese flick The Departed - excellent, although there are a few loose ends in it & a few things that are mysterious - but I guess the credit should also go to the original, the Hong Kong flick that Departed is based on. Maybe I'll check it out - Infernal Affairs/Mou gaan dou is the title. Departed is definitely a good thriller. Also reminds me of the samsara is nirvana, nirvana is samsara idea found in some Buddhist writing.

Without giving much away hopefully re: Departed, I think the central female character's relationship with the male characters could have used more work. That's all I'll say for now, will do a lengthier post re: the flick when the DVD comes out.

Received 51 Birch Street - a documentary about a father, & Manhattan, Kansas - a documentary about a mother, in the mail a couple of days ago. Reviews coming this week.

Also a review of the Canadian indie flick Bums is on the way.

- Sujewa


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