Saturday, October 28, 2006

Fri 10/27/06 Notes: '07 project, Catch A Fire, DNO 11/4 DC

- conceived of an epic directing project for '07

- saw Catch A Fire, good movie, liked it, enraging at times, mostly a positive thing, sad too. definitely worth watching. here's GreenCine Daily's post, w/ a lot of links, re: the movie.

Here is a good quote from the director of Catch A Fire, Phillip Noyce, from an excellent GreenCine interview:

" PN: There are a lot of issues that a film like this inevitably brings up, but only inasmuch as any examination history is illuminating - because the mistakes of the past are repeated in the present and the future. We know that. If you're asking if there are any parallels to be drawn between wars that are fought today and the events of yesterday, the answer is absolutely not, because if anyone tries to compare the struggle for emancipation in South Africa with some of the acts of terror that are being committed today, they're crazy. There's no comparison whatsoever.

On the other hand, there are some cautionary tales that you can draw from this, for example, our need to be careful that our solutions don't make the problem worse, particularly in the way that we incarcerate and treat our enemies. Now that's a real issue that I think you can reflect back on these events and draw some conclusions, or at least food for thought, about today. But mainly, we made the film because it was a wonderful story, and an uplifting one."

- getting ready for the Sat 11/4 screening of Date Number One in DC, less than 1 week away (need to update the website). should have some DVDs for sale around that time.

- Sujewa

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