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Just finished writing the 3 page synopsis (or is that a treatment in H-wood lingo?) for a South Asian war movie :: a good reason to film in SL

My South Asian War Movie/Ghost Story Script:

Just finished writing a set of detailed notes re: plot & characters for a war movie that takes place in South Asia. Of course I am thinking about shooting the film in Sri Lanka (see below for some good financial reasons) specially since I've got tons of notes about the wars down there - more my reactions & thoughts & speculations than direct news report like notes - & since I've got many possibly useful connects there (at least a bunch of family to crash with:). A war is - for a story teller - an interesting situation - though it is horrible in real life - but a war is a very interesting device for telling a story - there is immediate drama & intensity, hard to look away for those people who are into those kinds of things. My South Asian war movie is also kind of a ghost story - perhaps Holloween is having an effect on me. I expect to finish the script before 1/1/07. From a talky DIY comedy/romantic comedy to a war movie? Why not. Who knows when & where I will be able to shoot this script - but hopefully soon & hopefully in Sri Lanka. The flick will use mostly local/South Asian or South Asian-American actors.

A Good Reason to Film in Sri Lanka

This news story talks about the imminent collapse of the Sri Lankan film industry (not sure exactly how true that is) but more importantly says the following: "In Sri Lanka, a small budget film costs $74,508 and a commercial one $280,000". Now, as every film producer knows, a film can cost whatever we want it to cost, but the possible low $ figures for a 35MM feature is very attractive. Specially for a story that uses all or most local/Sri Lankan/South Asian talent. $280K for a "commercial" 35MM film (I am guessing it is 35MM since SL theaters, as far as I know, has not converted to digital in any significant way). Regardless, my script is being written to be shot in SL or if impossible, perhaps India, 'cause I am from there & I want to make a movie down there, a movie that would play well world wide. And the cheap cost of making a movie down there is an added bonus.

Once I finish the script I might want to ask my Indie Features 06 buddy Blake about making an action movie since I've never done it before :) Looking forward to the challenge, whenever I can get to shooting it.

I have made arty movies (with more on the way) & I've seen a ton of war movies, so it'll be interesting to see what I can come up with.

- Sujewa


Jacky Treehorn said…

That sounds like an excellent, exciting idea. Shooting in SR or India would just be amazing. Wish i could work on the crew!

The Sujewa said…
Hey JB,

We can totally look into you working on the film when the thing happens. Thanks for the positive response to the idea.

- Sujewa

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