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Made some progress on the YouTube project

I tested out posting video to YouTube today. Works pretty well, although, having a faster connection may help me get more video up sooner. Here's a quick overview of the process, for any interested souls: 1) create a video file on your computer, know where it is (most recent computers - PCs - should come with some sort of a video editing program, such as Windows Movie Maker or something - use that along with a Firewire cable to bring video in from your camera (not sure yet how to do this directly off of a DVD), then convert the footage to a video file using Real Player or another program - the video editing software in your computer should be able to do this for you, look at the video editing program's File menu, Export options), 2) set up a YouTube account, 3) follow Upload Video instructions at your YouTube account - you'll have to locate the video file on your computer & hit upload, pretty easy. I am working on setting up two YouTube pages: 1 for my own stuff, and another for all the members of the US DIY Film Yahoo group, to post our trailers & clips on line. Hopefully by the end of this week both those YouTube pages will be up & running w/ some interesting/entertaining/rocktacular content. The US DIY Film YouTube page will have a corresponding blog where members & fans & other interested folks can talk about what they posted & other related stuff. More on all this soon - including all the links, after I take care of some more day job work & promoting the upcoming Thu 10/5 Date Number One screening in Kensington.


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