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Mark Andersen & Mark Jenkins (Dance of Days) talk with the makers of American Hardcore in Washington City Paper

In this week's Washington City Paper the punk authors Mark Andersen & Mark Jenkins (who is also a CP film critic) have a conversation with Paul Rachman & Steven Blush, the makers of the doc American Hardcore, which opens in DC tomorrow (Fri 10/20). Hardcore's got a lot of DC in it, thanks to Bad Brains, Dischord Records, Minor Threat & no doubt countless others who made the early 80's scene happen. Looking forward to the history lesson this weekend. Here is the link to the interview. Here is a bit of the interview:

" Andersen: In the film, Ian MacKaye says something to the effect of, “I didn’t leave hardcore. Hardcore left me.” And of course Ian is part of something that happened in D.C. in 1985 called Revolution Summer, which in many ways is a reaction against the limitations and the contradictions of hardcore. What do you think Ian was trying to say?

Rachman: There are two quotes in the film that are really important. There’s that quote, and there’s Greg Ginn’s. When Ginn talks about breaking up Black Flag, he says that the environment that surrounded the music changed. The early years of teenage, fucked-up, fuck-you angst can’t carry on. I think that’s what they’re talking about."

Go check out the movie Washingtonians, dig some local music history!

- Sujewa


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