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***** time for a little celebration - got the 1st check from a US theatrical booking of Date Number One ! :)

the amount of the check is not the important thing - although, for a low/no budget DIY filmmaker & distributor w/ a day job like myself it is a pleasant amount, no, the important thing at this point is that the item exists - as an indicator of the possible potential of success in a very risky, foolishly risky even, business (indie film) - one which i am approaching through a still relatively unusual method (low/no-budget d.i.y. production & distribution). so what's all this about? i received a check from the pioneer theater in nyc today, for my share of ticket sales from the 8/31 screening of date number one.

this of course is not the first time i made some money (cash coming my way, not necessarily a profit) through showing a film, and this is not even the first time i made some money from showing date number one, but the pioneer booking was specially important because: 1) it was the pioneer theater - one of the best venues for real indie films in the US, & it's in NYC - the birthplace of US indie film & 2) it was a booking in an actual movie theater, most of my screenings thus far have been 4-walled screenings/space rentals at alternative/typically non-theatrical screening venues.

a copy of this awesome thing (w/ all sensitive info. blacked out of course) is going to go on my wall, as an inspirational item. perhaps this check is a sign of more good things to come from date number one. at least that's what it will mean to me. thanks a lot pioneer theater.

- sujewa


Jacky Treehorn said…
Bravo Sujewa! The first of many I am sure.

The Sujewa said…
Thanks a lot JB!

- Sujewa

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