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While indie film gets ever more indie (thanks DV, web & self-distribution!), IFP warmly embraces Hollywood with '06 Gotham Awards

Pretty much everyone is blogging today about the indie film non-profit IFP/The Independent Feature Project ignoring their pro-indie mission & nominating 3 big budget Hollywood films for their Gotham Awards program, so I will begin by pointing to The Reeler's excellent entry re: the subject.

So, why bother with the pretense of independence IFP? Just change your name to the Feature Project, drop the Independent from the title (which will only be a symbolic gesture now since you've already shown your preference for Hollywood/the-budget-&-stars-makes-it-impossible-to-ever-call-it-indie films with this year's Gotham Awards nominations), & have yourself fully funded by the big studios in exchange for getting them some press & publicity for their movies.

Looks like the era of big indie film non-profits is coming to an end, with 2006 being a significant year for that slow death. Some organizations die due to lack of member interest (AIVF), while others sell their approval to Hollywood/adjust their definition of independent film to include Hollywood's big budget films and become irrelevant to indie filmmakers (first FIND/ex-IFP LA, & now rest of IFP or at least their Gotham Awards). Meanwhile, real indie filmmakers such as Lance Weiler, Andrew Bujalski, Kelley Baker, and Team Jumping Off Bridges self-distribute their low budget, non-Hollywood movies. Independent filmmaking has become a larger field of activity this year, thanks to digital video, the web & self-distribution, and in this same year IFP heads towards getting out of the assist-independent-filmmakers business and going into the help-sell-Hollywood-movies business.

- Sujewa


Bill said…
Yes, what you said!

I'd write more, but it'd only be doing so to rephrase what you've already posted in my own words. But when yours speak so well, better to just let them do the talking.

I'll only add IFP is finally publically admitting its true nature after years of living in denial.



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