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YouAreTV's FAQ item re: converting DVD footage for web

I visited the YouAreTV website yesterday. YouAreTV looks like a more indie film focused version of YouTube. While exploring the site I found a possibly very useful item on their FAQ page: info. on converting footage on a DVD to a format that can be uploaded to the web, to
YouAreTV or the several other places that carry video clips. Go here & scroll down to "How do I get footage from a DVD, and convert it?".

They recommend using a program called AutoGK, their link did not work for me, so here's the AutoGK link if anyone needs it.

I have not tried it yet, but I have been on the lookout for this type of info. for a while. Thanks YouAreTV.

If anyone else has info on converting DVD footage for web upload, let us know, use the comments field below.

Of course it goes without saying: don't use the tools to violate copyright, just to upload your own stuff/stuff you created or stuff you own the distribution rights to.


- Sujewa


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