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SLOW ROMANCE movie (2020) color test video

Werewolf Ninja Philosopher at Vimeo VOD

Next movie update :: Previous movie (Date Number One) update


Workbook's Theatrical Venue Mapping Project or how to get your indie screening venue noticed by motivated new filmmakers & overactive bloggers

6 Favorite Film Blogs of 2006

Janus, Biograph, Outer Circle, Visions: Places of former DC art film glory

James Brown Lives! (in an upcoming Spike Lee movie)

The Great New Wonderful is not "A Brilliant Comedy"

Back to editing, radical changes happening to Date Number One

2006: The Year US Independent Film Embraced Self-Distribution

Article about new biz MY MOVIE NETWORK at E-Commerce News

Green Cine's Best of 2006 Lists Page

CustomFlix announces support for internet downloads of indie movies through Amazon Unbox

Date Number One 2006: Post 1: The Ad Art From World Premiere

Tsunami warning tower (1st of 100) & replica of demolished Afghani Buddha statue are now up in Sri Lanka

A post-Christmas reviews of "interesting" movies link-a-thon: Permanent Vacation, Downtown 81, Inland Empire

Happy Holidays from Date Number One!

Jim Jarmusch & Martin Scorsese talk about docs

Alex Pacheco & new feature Praxis, blog

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Update on the war in Sri Lanka: the separatist rebels are in trouble


Off the Black a "lovely, ghostly work" - The Boston Globe :: Message from director James Ponsoldt

US Art/Indie/Foreign/Alt Critics List

NOW is a great time to start your fimmaking career

The final battle between Caesar & Pompey was weak :: Egypt not done well in Episode 8 :: Other ROME stuff

Heard the interview re: David Lynch's self-distribution plans for INLAND EMPIRE

Lance Weiler interviews Absurda's Eric Bassett re: INLAND EMPIRE self-distribution

From GreenCine Daily's review of Date Number One

The difference between us and "Rome" is The Enlightenment

Congrats Four Eyed Monsters!

Saw The Evens & Soccer Team at a Positive Force benefit in DC

Yellow Fever/I Was Only Supposed To Live Five Days/Panama Canal/Walter Reed

Articles on hooking up your Mac to a TV, and other ways to get web video on a big home screen (including '07's iTV option from Apple)

Kelly Dobson's unstable robots

Time article says David Lynch self-distributed Eraserhead

1 major goal for my 34th year: wide (as wide as possible) DIY distribution of Date Number One

James "Afro-Punk" Spooner's new movie White Lies, Black Sheep has a MySpace page

Capitol of Punk piece on YouTube :: !Ulysses!

The Self-Distribution Sub Culture & The 9 Layers of the Indie Film Scene

Screen Door Film in Austin, TX

Added 3 books on Dogme 95 & digital filmmaking to my Amazon Indie Film Store

Getting your DVD on, research notes set 1

Official website for Inland Empire release info.

Doug said the 51 Birch Street screening today at The Avalon in DC was sold out!

" Students do not have to ritually wash their hands before studying Hegel " :)

For all the Jim Jarmusch fans on your holiday shopping list

51 Birch Street at The Avalon in DC tomorrow (Sun 12/10)

Project # 2 for '07, Wild Diner review by Amir Motlagh

Gothamist interview with Ian MacKaye

PBS web video on micro-lending

Village Voice has a good review of Off the Black

Robots attack Pioneer Theater starting December 13! Will New York City survive?!!!

Off the Black review

December 13 Is The Goal

Lance Weiler interview is up!

Looking forward to Days of Glory

2006: The Year of Self-Distribution comes to a vibrant finish with Inland Empire, Four Eyed Monsters and Mutual Appreciation in theaters in December

Conan's Horny Manatee Sex Site

Added a CLIPS page to the Wild Diner Films website

Let us now speak with a filmmaker who has grossed over 4 million $s through self-distribution (& still owns his movies!): LANCE WEILER interview

Fylmz interview about Date Number One & self-distribution

An old fashioned independent film success story; OFF THE BLACK director James Ponsoldt interview

Indie Film Blogger Road Trip