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6 Favorite Film Blogs of 2006

I think I read about 20 - 30 film blogs on a regular basis (let's say every week). One that I should read more but didn't get in the habit of doing so in '06 is Cinematical. Also, The House Next Door. Perhaps in '07 I can work Cinematical & House Next Door in more. So, out of the ones I read frequently, here are my favorite blogs from this year. I am treating the indieWIRE's blogs page as a blog because some days I just go there & read parts of posts from several blogs. Looking forward to discovering more good film blogs in '07 (feel free to suggest some in Comments). OK, the '06 faves list:

1. GreenCine Daily

2. IndieWIRE's Blogs page

3. Anthony Kaufman's blog

4. Filmmaker Magazine's Blog AND Hollywood Is Talking (we've got a tie here, Filmmaker's got some solid indie coverage, & H.I.T.'s got a nice mixture of DIY/Indie & Hollywood film stuff/sensational Hollywood stuff, equally rewarding reading)

5. The Chutry Experiment

6. Drifting

Thanks for all the posts this year bloggers! You make the days better.

- Sujewa


David Hudson said…
Many thanks, Sujewa! And have a great, great 2007.
The Sujewa said…
Happy New Year David!

- Sujewa

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