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Added a CLIPS page to the Wild Diner Films website

I just added a CLIPS page to the Wild Diner Films website, for Date Number One clips. The video clips get uploaded to YouTube & then I embed the HTML code thingy that YT gives into the clips page at my web site at So when you go to my site & go the the Clips page, you get to watch the video clips that I've uploaded to YT. Got it? :) In case you want to do the same with your movie/site/& YouTube, that's how I did it.

Hmmm, maybe indie movie theaters should do this on their blogs & websites, to promote movies that they show, movies that may not have a huge publicity budget. Maybe some of them are doing that already.

I still need to figure out how to add video clips to this blog. If anyone out there knows, let me know. Thanksalot!

Go here to check out the Clips page at the web site for Date Number One.

By the way, my YouTube clip has been viewed over 175 times so far, since 11/30 (w/ about 20-30 of those views coming from me). And I've received 4 very positive responses to the clip & 1 request for more clips.

I plan on adding at least 5 more Date Number One clips to the CLIPS page in the coming weeks & months.


- Sujewa


Jacky Treehorn said…
Hi SE,

Read your post about embedded video and thought I would pass along this site which we are about to use called vsocial. I will send you the link by email.


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