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Articles on hooking up your Mac to a TV, and other ways to get web video on a big home screen (including '07's iTV option from Apple)

A lot of people are going to be making movies now that movie making is affordable, actually a lot of people are already making movies & of course a lot have already made movies in the past 100+ years. But it still costs a lot of money (& it is a lot of work) to distribute the finished movies theatrically. It costs less money or a far less amount of money in some cases to place a movie on DVD & make it available to customers all over the country - that's if you can convince various retailers to carry your DVD. Filmmakers can however stream their movies through a internet VOD (video-on-demand) service such as GreenCine VOD (note: according to GreenCine "for the moment, most Macs are not supported" by them so mostly only PCs can be used for their video-on-demand service, for now) or many other companies that offer the VOD service & get the film to the consumer's computer/to the consumers "hands" for a lower cost - both to the filmmaker & the consumer (after spreading the word about the movie through the web - cheap to do). One of the big current drawbacks to streamed movies is that a lot of people would rather watch their movies on their TV, not on their computer monitor. Apple will be introducing the iTV device in early 2007. iTV will display web transferred video on your TV. Here are links to 2 documents that offer other options for getting web downloaded or streaming video played back on your TV: 1) hooking up your Mac to a TV & creating a home media center, 2) iTV & several other options for getting movies in your computer on your TV screen. And if all this is too much work (& or not enough consumers care about it), filmmakers can always make a website for their DVDs (& also promote the DVDs through blogs & e-mails & other web options), ask interested people to send a check & distribute a given DVD through mail-order, but we all know about that option already. The watching-web-downloaded-movies-on-the-TV option looks very attractive, might catch on big, could be the thing that makes internet Video On Demand a popular entertainment option.


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