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Capitol of Punk piece on YouTube :: !Ulysses!

Check it out here, entertaining - if you are at all into DC punk music. The last piece of music (with lines "you're my miss washington, dc") you'll hear on that YouTube piece is from The Nation of Ulysses - one of the best/most entertaining DC punk bands of all time & one of my favorite - the 1st punk band (or post-punk/noise band) that I really liked. I think that line is from a song on their '92 album Plays Pretty for Baby. Some of the elements of the DC punk scene (DIY production & distribution, community, etc.) are very influential in how I am going about creating a DIY film production & distribution business. Also, this blog and its habit of sharing production & distribution info. mirrors DC musicians sharing music making info (Simple Machines, a local punk/indie label, published a guide to releasing music).

- Sujewa


Nation of Ulysses: Plays Pretty for Baby
-->Ian Svenonius - vocals
Steve Kroner - guitar
Tim Green - guitar
Steve Gamboa - bass
James Canty - drums
13 songs Recorded: February 1992
Released: August 1992
Available on vinyl, $10.00 Available on cassette, $4.00 Available on cd (remastered 2002), with #62(*), $10.00
1. N-Sub Ulysses
2. A Comment on Ritual
3. The Hickey Underworld
4. Perpetual Motion Machine
5. N.O.U. Future-Vision Hypothesis
6. 50,000 Watts of Goodwill
7. Maniac Dragstrip
8. Last Train to Cool
9. Shakedown
10. Mockingbird, Yeah!
11. Depression III
12. S.S. Exploder
13. The Kingdom of Heaven Must be Taken By Storm
14. The Sound of Jazz to Come*
15. N.O.U.S.P.T.D.A.*
16. Presidents of Vice*
Recorded at Inner Ear Studios
Produced by Ian MacKaye

PS 2: I need to buy another copy of that album, this time on CD, my cassette tape from '92 is broken.


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