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Date Number One clip on YouTube

Fin-n-nally getting caught up on things; just uploaded my first real YouTube clip - a less than 2 minutes long segment from Date Number One's Story 3: Start Over (it may be labeled wrong on the clip). In the clip a guy is trying to start all over with an ex-girlfriend. More & better quality YouTube clips are on the way, no doubt, as I figure out all the nifty details of making great web video files. In the meantime, here is the link to the clip, enjoy!


Anonymous said…
Hi, I stumbled on your blog a month or so ago and have been keeping an eye on it to see you take on indie film distribution. I'm glad you posted this clip. I just checked it out and loved it adnd thought it was very funny. It really wants to make me see the rest of the movie.
The Sujewa said…
Hey, thanks a lot anonymous. Glad you liked the clip # 1. More clips coming soon & also the DVD is coming this month (you'll be able to buy it from my website: Hope you get a chance to see the whole movie at some point soon. Until next time,

- Sujewa
David Lowery said…
Finally! I'm glad I got to see a bit of the film. Post more!
The Sujewa said…
Good stuff takes a lil' bit o' waitin' Mr. Lowery, yes it does - there will be more clips very soon & u should be able to see the flick on DVD at some point this month! w/ in the next 26 or so days. Thanks for checking out the first clip!

- The Sujewa

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