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Dude, I Am Gonna Be Totally Indiewood Tomorrow Morning :: Attending a special screening of Off The Black in DC on Sun 12/3 AM

Hmmm, how did this happen? How is a filmmaker/blogger who writes mostly about no-budget, no star movies & self-distribution getting invited to attend a special screening of a THINKFilm distributed movie starring Nick Nolte? I guess it is part of the magic of bloggin'. Anyway, Off The Black sounds very interesting, and I am looking forward to seeing it & talking with the pic's director James Ponsoldt afterwards (he's supposed to be there tomorrow for a Q & A session). Ponsoldt is young & so far he sounds like a very cool dude (we've exchanged a couple of e-mails, and I read up on him on the web). Will have a review & notes on the whole going-to-see-a-movie-at-10 -AMish-on-Sunday-at-a-special-screening experience. Off The Black opens in LA & NYC on Fri 12/8. Here's my previous post about the movie, with links. Maybe they'll have free coffee there. If not, there is a cafe near the theater, I think. Anyway, I am going to bed early tonight.


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