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Getting your DVD on, research notes set 1

I am slowly walking towards having Date Number One on DVD (this month! it'll be a December miracle! :), & so I am looking at places to sell the DVD - is definitely a place I want to get my DVD in to. So I just did a little bit of research on how a DIY filmmaker & ultra low budget self-distributor such as myself can get my DVD on Amazon. Looks like there are three options: 1) "ALL AMAZON" (my term): CustomFlix - Amazon's wholly owned subsidiary CustomFlix makes copies of the flick, Amzaon lists the DVDs on their site & mails 'em out to customers, costs: unknown to me at this point, more research is necessary, 2) "YOU & AMAZON": Advantage - you make the DVD & Amazon stocks a few & lists the titles on their site & fulfills orders & you get to keep up on the transactions on a regular basis & replenish DVDs as they sell 'em, costs: $29.95 a year & 55% commission, there maybe other costs, more research is necessary, and option 3) "ALL YOU": Pro Merchant selling - you make & stock the DVD & fulfill the orders & list stuff on Amazon, cost - $39.99 a month (they are having a sale now, $19.99 for the first two months), plus there maybe other costs, more research is necessary. Well, I have a rough idea now about what the Amazon options are for selling my DVD through their site. The Advantage option looks like the best one for me at the moment; just the right combination of self-distro & Amazon support, & checks & balances to make my control freak self comfortable :)


BenP said…
We wanted to let you know about a new service for filmmakers that can be seen on If you're interested in doing a review of our innovative services on your blog we'd greatly appreciate it. If you have advice or suggestions on how we can promote our service to the user community we’d love to hear it.


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The Sujewa said…
Thanks for the info. BenP, will check it out soon.

- Sujewa

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