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Next movie update :: Previous movie (Date Number One) update

Next movie/"Untitled January 07 Production" update: Jennifer Blakemore (pictured) from Date Number One (Jen played Sunshine in Story 2 of DNO) will be one of the lead actors in my next movie (for some appreciation of her acting work, check here and here). I have two completed scripts (one from '96, one from '98) & one of these will be updated & produced, with pre-production starting around January 15, 2007. It will be a no budget DV feature. A comedy/comedy-drama. And I hope to make it available on DVD (mail-order & through some retail stores) in the first quarter of '07, while it screens wherever I can get it to screen.


Previous movie/"Date Number One" update: My May '06 completed feature Date Number One will be available on DVD (mail-order & through some retail stores) starting at some point in January '07. Will know the exact date in a few days - w/ in the first week of January - will announce the exact availability date here as soon as I know it (I am pretty sure at this point that the DNO DVD will be available for purchase before 1/15/07). The DVD will be available for purchase through mail order from the web at the Wild Diner Films Store. DNO will also be screening at various venues in '07, get screening info. here. Thanks, & I hope you have an awesome New Years Eve & day! '07 is here baby, '07 is here, we are going deeper into the future - pretty wild.

- Sujewa


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