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NOW is a great time to start your fimmaking career

Talented (if not & want to be, you can learn stuff by reading about it & doing it on a small scale - short films)? A filmmaker? Storyteller? Don't have a lot of money or access to a lot of money to blow on film production & distribution? Don't have any indiewood or Hollywood connections? If you said yes to all those questions then you can still launch a filmmaking career by doing the following things, now at a lower cost than ever before: 1) study filmmaking & story telling & life & history well & then write an awesome script for a feature length project that can be produced for no money or very little money. You have plenty of projects for inspiration (any early Jim Jarmusch film, any early Hal Hartley film, Clerks, Slacker, most Woody Allen movies, most Ed Burns movies, She's Gotta Have It, just to name a few), 2) shoot the film on DV or another affordable, high quality video format (& remember to keep your day job during this entire process), 3) make DVDs - 1000 of them can be made for about $1250, or you can make 1 at a time on your computer as orders come in, 4) set up a web site for the film & blog about the film & yourself, 5) submit the film to bloggers & any other interested media people who may talk about your film, 6) start promoting & selling the DVD as soon as possible, mail order is an easy way to go, also local retailers perhaps, also web retailers like Amazon (and even if another company wants to help you distribute your film down the road, it shouldn't be a problem since however many copies of the DVD you sell by that point will most likely be small in number compared to what a professional distributor with wide contacts & access can move), 7) while you sell your first film on DVD through mail-order & promote it through DIY screenings & film fest screenings & look at wider theatrical & home distribution possibilities & other, new alternatives such as internet VOD (video on demand), make your 2nd feature & repeat the getting-it-to-the-market-on-DVD process, 8) keep making & selling movies & quit your dayjob when you have enough money saved up from DVD sales & other filmmaking related revenue streams & when you know you have more - an adequate amount - of $s coming from your film work. There are no more excuses for not making movies if you really want to make them. And if your movies find a big enough audience, you will be able to do just movie making for a living. Even if the movies/DVDs don't sell that well, if you still feel passionate about what you have to say through your movies, keep making them & keep making them available on DVD 'cause, if you are lucky, one or two of those movies may just change someone's life for the better. What happens when DVD goes out of style you say? Don't worry, some other, better format will take its place, thanks to the gods of the open market & capitalism. As long as you can keep making interesting movies, the format that the audience gets to see it in does not matter as much. People are always going to be hungry for good stories.


rajeev said…
am an independent film maker from bombay.. who is looking for a producer..
The Sujewa said…
hey rajeev,

good luck with your search for a producer. not sure what things are like in india for filmmaking & indie filmmaking - but dv filmmaking & dvd usage is probably big there too, right? if nothing else, you've got tons of great locations in india - definitely a plus for you.

- sujewa
Anonymous said…
yesterday was my birthday. took the day off and spent a good part of it just surfing the net not for work for the first time in... I cannot remember!!! stumbled on your blog... so hi! desperately wanted to watch clips of your film "Date Number One" but my dial-up connection is pathetically oh so painfully slow... right this moment still trying to watch it via You Tube on another tab... sigh... In reference to this post, if any of your readers are Malaysians, they could showcase their vision and talent via a talent spotting programme by BMW Malaysia. Quite neat -- they foot the bill for producing the winner's film entry to be submitted to international short films awards. Check out I am a watcher not a doer, unfortunately. So I reckon I will watch out for the entries....
The Sujewa said…
hope you have a good day off there anonymous. there will be more Date Number One clips on the web soon - & the DVD will be available for purchase by the end of this month at:

- Sujewa

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