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Robots attack Pioneer Theater starting December 13! Will New York City survive?!!!

What some people are saying about the film Automatons:

"AUTOMATONS is a smart, thought-provoking tale equipped with the moody ambiance and intellectual integrity of a classic episode of THE OUTER LIMITS. That's high praise indeed."-- Steven Puchalski, SHOCK CINEMA

"...this is one of the “must see” films you always hear about but never take the time to actually check out. Folks, check it out. AUTOMATONS is politically charged; a provocative and compelling Sci-Fi Thriller."-- Brian Harris, JOE HORROR.COM

"The robot action is often much more riveting than similar scenes in movies with many times the budget and technical sophistication."-- Jay Seaver, UGO.COM

"AUTOMATONS is a wonderfully made, socially conscious low budget film and I cannot recommend it enough."-- Brian Harris, JOE HORROR.COM

"AUTOMATONS does what all good sci fi stories should."-- Adam Barnick, ENTERTAINMENT INSIDERS

"The beautiful indie sci-fi film AUTOMATONS is a troubling vision of things to come.Enough to make you think, worry and pray."-- Louis Fowler, ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHRONICLE

The Pioneer Theater must LOVE this low-budget, black & white sci-fi movie about a girl who leads an army of patched-together robots against her enemies, 'cause the flick is gonna play there for about 2 weeks starting December 13. I saw a few minutes of it, it is not slick sci-fi, thus definitely for people who want to see exactly this kind of low budget/rough looking sci-fi (there are fans for this movie, see the quotes at Pioneer's page for the movie & above). Maybe I'll get in the mood to watch the rest of the flick, maybe I won't, but if I do, I'll write about it. The curious can go here to get more info. on the screenings & here for the flick's web site. I hope the good human(s?) wins over the evil robots, & hopefully both the Pioneer & NYC will survive their epic battle.

- Sujewa


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