Saturday, December 16, 2006

Saw The Evens & Soccer Team at a Positive Force benefit in DC

Went to DC for a Positive Force benefit tonight. Soccer Team & The Evens played. $s from the show was to benefit The Washington Free Clinic. Got to hang out with Mark Andersen, Chad Clark (of Beauty Pill fame) & say hello to a person (dang, i do not remember her name, she had a nice jacket, a cool looking camera & a nice smile) who came to the 11/4 Date Number One screening/We Are Family benefit (& also finally delivered the $s raised at that event to Mark A. of We Are Family), & said hello to Ian MacKaye. It is nice to live in a city where a lot of the creative & activist people I dig are very accessible - or at least I can talk to them at shows.

The Evens sounded a lot better than when I first heard/saw them live at the same church (St. Stephen's (sp?) at 16th & Newton, NW DC) a year or two ago. The sound was a lot more fuller & felt more confident. The two member band sounded like a four member or three member band - a lot fuller sound than a duo might usually make.

Gonna hang out with some Buddhist monks at dad's house tomorrow AM, too early on a Sat AM - grrr. A family religious event tomorrow. I think they'll let me in even though I am not Buddhist. Should be a "blast!" :)

Now must sleep. Goo'night!

- Sujewa

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