Sunday, December 10, 2006

" Students do not have to ritually wash their hands before studying Hegel " :)

I've been doing some reading on the topic of philosophy vs. religion last night & today, and here is a link to an interesting doc I found.

Here is a segment from that article, re: the difference between religion and philosophy:

" To begin with, of the two only religions have rituals. In religions, there are ceremonies for important life events (birth, death, marriage, etc.) and for important times of the year (days commemorating spring, harvest, etc.). Philosophies, however, do not have their adherents engage in ritualistic actions. Students do not have to ritually wash their hands before studying Hegel and professors do not celebrate a “Utilitarian Day” every year."

I am not religious but I do like the fact that religions constantly (or are at least said to be, or are supposed to/generally believed to be) deal with the BIG questions of life (the meaning - if any - of it, how to live, death, post-death scenarios, etc.) In that sense, philosophy maybe a good substitute for religion, for the Faithless (that's Faith of the official kind, I've got the regular kind, with a small f) indie/DIY filmmaking rock stars like me :)

Happy Sunday!

- Sujewa

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