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Time article says David Lynch self-distributed Eraserhead

Then I guess Lynch is no stranger to self-distribution.

Here is the line from the Time article re: Inland Empire & Lynch self-distributing it: "...says Lynch, who released his first film, Eraserhead, himself in 1977."

Here's the URL to the article:,9171,1568472,00.html

Exactly 30 years later & gettin' back to the roots!

- Sujewa


Steven Yellin said…
Everyone knows that David Lynch is a creative genius. And
like many reclusive geniuses (how many times have you seen
him on the late night talk circuit), he rarely talks about
where his creativity comes from.

Consider those days over.

In a tell all book that gives the reader a rare glimpse into
the mind of a true artistic genius, Catching the Big Fish is
not about trout fishing, but about idea catching. To catch
the big ones you have to "dive deep" within your own mind
and the deeper you dive, the bigger "fish" you catch. Great
idea don't swim on the surface, they prowl the depths of the
ocean (your mind) waiting for someone to snag them.

David has been deep sea fishing for 33 years. That is how
long he has been practicing Transcendental Meditation. He
says that it this daily practice that allowed him to catch
big ideas that live on the bottom of the ocean.

I have read it and I found it intriguing, fascinating,
revealing and eye-opening.

If you want know how one of the most creative artists of the
20th (and 21st) century gets his ideas and then translates
his ideas into movies that made him one of the greatest
directors in the history of film, then read this book. You
won’t be disappointed.

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