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Update on the war in Sri Lanka: the separatist rebels are in trouble

The latest news from Sri Lanka is that the government forces are doing well against the separatist LTTE rebels - a group that is banned by many governments (including the US gov) due to their terroristic activities (suicide bombing, killing or trying to kill all major critics & challengers - including Tamils - the people they claim to be liberating, recruiting child soldiers, etc.). The sooner the 20 some year old war is over, the better it will be for everyone in Sri Lanka. Here is a Hindustan Times story with an update on the war.

For more news stories on Sri Lanka, these two sites are good:

Lanka Page

The Lanka Academic

For an often less official but often very informative take on the news, check out:


And, for info. on one major event that we can never forget, the anti-Tamil progroms of Black July - July of 1983 (by conservative estimates 1,000 - 3,000 Tamils killed by Sinhala mobs while the then government stood aside for several days. the government has changed for the better in recent years), events that can't be allowed to happen again, go here.

Looking forward to the war being over. Once that horror is out of the way, Sri Lankans can focus on fully recovering from colonialism (the hard religious & ethnic divisions that brought the war into being is partially a result of colonialism & also of course due to greedy & evil Sri Lankans manipulating their fellow citizens into f***ed up situations. sri lanka gained freedom from the british in 1948). The island has a long history of civilization (over 2,500 years, with a written "history"/tales of epic accounts covering key events from much of that period - the Mahavansa and the Dipavamsa) and great natural resources - of which the people are possibly one of the most valuable.

For more general Sri Lanka related links & info, check out this Wikipedia page.

And check out this new blog that I started, Out Of This Fire, a blog for Sri Lanka, that I hope to write a lot in during the coming year.

- Sujewa


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