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Workbook's Theatrical Venue Mapping Project or how to get your indie screening venue noticed by motivated new filmmakers & overactive bloggers

Well, overactive bloggers might be stretching things a bit, but this blog, Indie Features blog & The Workbook does get a fair amount of traffic & stuff we talk about in those blogs get mentioned in other indie film blogs sooner or later, so, indie screening venue owners (including microcinemas) who might want to get the attention of motivated new filmmakers & new & old bloggers might want to go here on Workbook blog & add their venue's info. & booking contact info. One great way for real indie venues to compete with the Landmarks of America is to offer totally unique programming (as Pioneer in NYC & a few other real indie venues do) and that means being in the lookout for good films that either never made it to the festivals or did well at festivals but did not get distributor attention. Indie filmmakers & indie theaters dealing directly with each other can perhaps offer a competitive advantage to some indie venues. Sure it's a bit of extra work, but what's the point of offering what the chain indie theaters are offering, when, if you are a bold & imaginative enough programmer, you can stand out creatively & financially from the pack by offering radically different content. Even if none of that makes sense, at least check out & add to this indie venue database. Thanks!

- Sujewa


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