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Yellow Fever/I Was Only Supposed To Live Five Days/Panama Canal/Walter Reed

Had lunch with my mom & sister today - to celebrate my recent birthday. Mom told me that when I was born in Sri Lanka in the early 1970's the doctors said I would only live for 5 days because I had yellow fever. But a nurse told her to ignore the doctors & breastfeed her new baby & that it would survive. Thanks nurse! :) So obviously I did not die from yellow fever. Very cool. There is a hospital, a military hospital here in the DC area & it is called Walter Reed. According to Don, my boss/the owner of the bookstore, Walter Reed was a military doctor who figured out how to treat yellow fever. Reed figured out his yellow fever treatment when the Panama Canal was being built. Go Walter Reed! Good job. Childbirth in 1970's Sri Lanka sounded like very tough work. Mom said she was 22, knew very little about child birth, & that there were no drugs to numb the pain - & that giving birth to me was very painful. Apparently I came out with the umbilical cord wrapped around me - & that made the procedure more difficult. And of course the yellow fever thing. But I am super glad mom & dad stabilized their first baby & got it/me healthy. It would be difficult to write blog entries from the land of the dead.


Anonymous said…
Difficult, sure. But think how much traffic you'd get! Happy (belated?) birthday!
The Sujewa said…
That's right, anyone who blogs from the land of the dead is gonna make a lot of money through blog ads. But is that money good where the blogger lives? What is the exchange rate between our world & the world of the dead?

Thanks for the b-day wish Andy. I was born over the course of 1 week, so you are still on time with the happy b-day wish.

- Sujewa

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