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Cool your brain & get excited about cinema again by reading this post

originally published in a slightly different form on 2/6/07

Too hot to think? Summer got you down? Not too excited about the movies any more? Then go to The House Next Door blog & read this conversation between film reviewers Matt Zoller Seitz and Keith Uhlich re: cinema & 2006. The internet , & specifically blogs, are definitely good things for thinking & talking about movies, moviemaking & all manner of related topics. I can't imagine an article that interesting appearing in an easily accessible print medium anytime soon. And even if something like that article/post were to be printed in a magazine, not many people will have access to it because they either won't know about it, or by the time they hear about it the edition may be out of circulation or they won't acquire it because it will cost money to do so. But blog posts are free to read (most of them at least, right now), easy & relatively inexpensive to put up, and can be there on the web for years to come. The internet & blogging are good for filmmakers and observers of the art form, glad they are here. Right now is a great time to be a filmmaker and or a film fan. Anyway, go read the post & see what I am talking about. The post would have been even more exciting had they talked about the strong & wider than ever before re-emergence of self-distribution in '06, which was definitely a significant development in US indie film, but they did mention INLAND EMPIRE a lot - close enough for now.


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