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About 30 years later, low budget & highly respected feature Killer of Sheep gets its theatrical run

Charles Burnett's Killer of Sheep was shot on weekends in the 1970's for around $10,000, as a grad school thesis project. Now, about 30 years later, the much praised film is receiving a theatrical release. Read all about it at GreenCine Daily.

- Sujewa


johanna said…
I seem to remember reading something back in the day about Kevin Smith shooting Clerks as he went along, too, just whenever he had the spare cash over a series of years. could be wrong...i transpose things all the time.

i learned the hard way, though, that you have to be pretty meticulous to get something done well that way -- more meticulous than me

[great chagrin...]
The Sujewa said…
hey ms. johanna!

i think Clerks was shot w/ in 1 or 2 years, but over several weekends.

yeah, lots of indie filmmakers - domestic & foreign, now & even back in the days of italian neo-realism shoot stuff when they can, with production often dragging out over months or years.

it took me like 2 years to shoot all 5 stories that make up Date Number One. we shot mostly on weekends. i liked having all that time though, since i work in geological time, not necessarily in human time :)

- Sujewa
johanna said…
understandable. I suppose that half the art of filmmaking lies in the ability to know the precise moment to move from petrified to molten...(it's usually better if I don't make word jokes)

but you should probably try and get a screening or two of Date Number One in Pittsburgh when you can. In fact, Pittsburgh could use a new festival.

Perhaps we could make a group thing sometime (altho' I think you should screen here as often as possible.)

The Montana doc, incidentally, is going to be chock full of extensive time-lapse footage, but I think I may have figured out how to make it more of a crusade and less of an expose...

I saw the wiki page, btw, and am proud to say I'm the first person to have it linked : )

The Sujewa said…
hey johanna,

will look into screening in p-burgh & elsewhere.

dc run this july. more cities whenever possible. p-burgh definitely this year.

i sent lucas a screener of DNO, of the 3/15/07 version of the flick, not the final final version (that i should have in a couple of days), so DNO will be in p-burgh very soon (perhaps as early as tomorrow), at least
in the form of 1 DVD screener. it's a start. more to follow very soon, owe Andy Horbal a screener.

re: pace of work as a filmmaker - sometimes you gotta get stuff done due to external deadlines, sometimes due to people's availability & location & gear availability & day job work demands & money availability, & sometimes you gotta get stuff done due to internal enthusiasm, and sometimes you gotta slack 'cause ideas have to take their time & grow (& grow, & grow) before you can turn them into movies. i find that setting up a screening is a good motivating thing/deadline for me to get stuff done.

your word jokes are just fine.

i am pretty much always molten, but sometimes moving like an inch in a year & sometimes 20 miles a minute (or something like that :).

- sujewa
johanna said…

ah, a lucid screening screening, as it were.

yes, it's true what you say -- and bringing all the threads of movement together at some point is the hardest part. speaking of which...

hey, why does your blog always hide the first commentor's handle in this screen? i only see that every once in a while. blogger glitch?
The Sujewa said…
yeah,it's a glitch.

maybe we'll do a little house party/Date Number One screener/fundraiser event in pittsburgh. 1/2 the money to lucas/gravida. what do ya think?

- sujewa
johanna said…
i don't think he could really complain about that, especially not if the idea came from you.

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