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Awesome book for sale at work: TRUFFAUT BY TRUFFAUT, $60

Found this great book at work, we are selling it. Here is some info. from the back cover:

"The first fully illustrated,
intimate account of Truffaut's life and work,
with the director himself as the guide.
500 illustrations, including 140 plates
in full color"

The book is about 13" tall and 10" wide. 240 pages. Published in 1987. In near fine condition with a very good dust jacket.

From the inside flap:

"As one of the most influential and beloved film directors of the last twenty-five years, Francois Truffaut was the subject of numerous books and articles. He was also that rarity - a filmmaker who wrote with grace and perception about the work of others. Now, for the first time, a book brings together Truffaut's revealing insights on his own life and work and illustrates them with previously unpublished documents from his own files."


E-mail me at if you want to buy this awesome book. A very good & inspirational read, specially for indie filmmakers who may be fans of the French New Wave & of course Truffaut.
- Sujewa


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