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Conversation on mumblecore movies at Anthony Kaufman's blog

At this blog entry Kaufman talks about SXSW '07 highlighting a group of indie filmmakers known to some as the mumblecore movement; Bujalski (Mutual Appreciation), Swanberg (LOL, Hannah Takes The Stairs), Duplass bors.(The Puffy Chair), Katz (Dance Party, USA, Quiet City), etc. And I ended up leaving a couple of long comments re: a couple of other commenter's comments about the praise worthiness of the movement. Interesting stuff if u r into real indie (ultra low budget/no star/non-Holly or Indiewood) stuff.

- Sujewa


Anonymous said…
I am truly sorry for having to do this, but this self-proclaimed mumblecore film movement is the biggest joke. Let me be the first to say that these films being compared to John Cassavetes or Rhomers work is a slap in the face. Ben Gazzara and Gena Rowlands are not sitting together drinking tea and intellectualizing over how closely Andrew Bujalski's films resembles John Cassavetes work, If he were alive he would call all these films shit, I know it from the bottom of my heart. Just because you shoot something on video or B&W 16mm and try to get at something serious or not try to get at something serious does not open the gate of autuer comparison. First of all the average age of a Cassavetes character was at least 35 or older, the story-lines are executed by the cast with hard worked rehearsal and precision. And he knew what he wanted, not.. "well lets get the shot and you guys just talk about this..." There was over 100 rewrites on Woman Under The Influence alone, come on people. Most of these films are cheap attempts at trying to be like something else. I will say The Puffy Chair had more, and I liked it more than any of the other mumblecore teen club films, it is the only one to stand out at all to me. And those guys seemed very honest about there approach. I don't think they're comparing themselves to those Giants. Andrew Bujalski is a hack, and he's getting away with it, but at least he shoots his messes on film. Truly astonished by the my space generation on this one. Have any of these people ever watched a John Cassavetes film, I find nothing similar except that some are B&W. You have to live life to be educated about it enough to mirror it on film. And I highly doubt any of these filmmakers have ever had trouble and struggled through it to find grace, at least thats what their films display, If these are a generations films and this is what is to be defended, God Help us.

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