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E-mailed Pittsburgh Filmmakers & Chicago Filmmakers re: screening Date Number One

Just e-mailed Pittsburgh Filmmakers & Chicago Filmmakers to see if they want to screen Date Number One at their venues. I like these filmmaking non-profits that exist around the country. When I want to play in a certain city, I look to see if I can work with any such institutions in that city. It would be fun to visit Chicago & Chicago Filmmakers again, the last time I was at both those places was in late '91 - early '92. I have a couple of film fan friends in Pittsburgh, and it would be fun to visit that city for the first time & hang out with people I know, meet new people.
Will see how it goes with Chicago Filmmakers & Pittsburgh Filmmakers. I will definitely play in Chicago & Pittsburgh this year. Of course the venues are not known so far. I also want to play New York City again (for at least a week this time, need that New York Times review), Los Angeles, Seattle again (a week or more this time around), Austin, San Francisco, Philadelphia, DC for the third time (for a week or more), and whatever other cities I can get the film into this year. Perhaps Boston too. And that is the latest on the '07 US theatrical screening work front for the movie.

- Sujewa


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