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Screening tonight. Winter slacking over.

From around 11/15 to about,well, today, 3/15, I usually end up taking it easy(er). Holidays & cold weather & all, you know. For the first time in a couple of months, I got up today around 6 AM & promptly got started on film work. Screening tonight. Very exciting. Also made more detailed plans on getting this movie out as wide as possible in the US this year. Hopefully in a couple of days I can set up a week long run for May in DC. Andy Horbal & Lucas in PA are waiting for screeners, new reviews to look forward to. The version of the movie screening tonight at Kensington Row Bookshop is a new version, cuts are tighter, unwanted space between dialogue has been taken out. But this won't be the ultimate version that will end up available on retail DVDs w/ in 10 days or so (definitely before April!!!). Still working on that version.

Re: putting time into making movies vs. distributing movies: I think I am going to try to get each movie I make seen & sold as widely as possible before making another movie. Greg Araki's ultra low budget feature The Living End reportedly was worked theatrically to a 1 million dollar gross, upon initial release. I am going to try to put in that kind of work (meaning, lots of time, maybe a year or two) to getting the initial distribution of each completed film done. That doesn't mean I can't shoot another movie this year, but I just have to wait until Date Number One is well on its way to the realm of the consumers before I put time & resources into completing & distributing the next movie. Thinking about DIY distribution as an essential step in the filmmaking process helps me in coming to terms with the wait that has to happen between shooting movies.

OK, off to wrap things up for tonight's screening. Talk to you kids later tonight or at some point tomorrow.

Oh, Lucas sent his short L'Attente in, received the DVD in the mail yesterday. So that will definitely be screening before DNO tonight.

See post below for all the info. on tonight's screening.


- Sujewa


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