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screenings calendar updated :: DNO DVDs update

just updated the Date Number One screenings page: the "July 12 - 18 in the DC area" run is on the boards now, as they say. when all the details of the run are finalized next week, will post all the info. re: the event at the same page & here at this blog & elsewhere where i post stuff up on the web.

couple more things to do on the editing front this weekend. should be able to order the first batch of retail DVDs on Mon. i think i'll get 100 at first, & order more as i sell them. if you want one, for now, & if you live in the US, send a check or money order for $12 (postage included/paid by me) to:

Sujewa Ekanayake
Wild Diner Films
10408 Montgomery Ave
Kensington, MD 20895

if all goes well you should get your DNO DVD w/ in the first week of April or earlier. make sure to include your mailing address & in case i need to contact you re: the order, e-mail & or phone (optional stuff, but could be useful if there is some confusion with the order). and feel free to drop in a little note in the envelop & say hello, if you feel like it. who knows, we might actually run into each other at some screening or another, and making new indie film friends is always grand.

by early April (or earlier if necessary) i'll have PayPal & credit card processing & international ordering info. & all that other mail order biz jazz figured out & set for selling the DVDs. there might even be a new PO Box address for, no doubt, the deluge of DVD orders that will be coming this way :) will have more on all those developments soon.

also, there may be some extras with this v1 of the DVD. yesterday i figured out that w/ Apple's iDVD, adding extras/bonus material to the DVD may be very easy. so we'll see. but extras or no extras, the entire 2 hour film in all its D.I.Y., real indie, digital video, made with love glory will be available for purchase in a shiny digital video disk with colorful, & some may say luscious, packaging. in less than 14 days!!!


- sujewa


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