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Several good things came out of yesterday's screening

1 - the best so far version of the movie, one of the audience members said he did not notice any sound problems. the film is now just a couple of changes away from being on retail DVD.

2 - located a better projector. better as in far cheaper to use than the one that i've been renting.

3 - got the invitation to create a film festival, by two very significant sources of support. it will be small at first, very real indie, and will incorporate some of the things I like to see in other fests: a % of ticket sales $s going to the filmmakers, etc. more on this project once i've completed a formal proposal & a budget in a few weeks. hopefully my fest will have its debut this year.

4 - located a venue for a long run of Date Number One.

5- made some new friends, & got DNO a couple of new fans.

a handful of people showed up to the screening last night. it was raining, could not have helped with the turnout. but very happy that i had to get stuff done yesterday for the screening, which opened up the path to all the good things listed above. can't wait to put on the next Date Number One screening.

- sujewa


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