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Update on my fest: The Kensington Real Independent Film Festival - KRIFF - September 6 - 9, 2007!

Ladies and gentlemen, The Kensington Real Independent Film Festival - a celebration of ultra-low budget/"no" budget, outside of Hollywood/Indiewood filmmaking excellence - will be happening this fall!

A festival that will give a % of ticket sales from each screening to the filmmaker responsible for the screened film (try saying that 13 times fast :). Plust other goodies to filmmakers. See below for the details.

KRIFF - A Celebration of the Real Indie Film & the Real Indie Filmmaker.

Dates: September 6 Thu - 9 Sun, 2007

Place: Kensington, MD (a town + area/zip code of about 22,000 people who live a short distance away from the screening venue), 15 minutes outside of Washington, DC.

Films will be screened at the Armory Building, a venue that can seat over 250 people.

Line up: still working on it. At this point I am sure that a Jon Moritsugu film will be in the fest (most likely his recent Hi-8 feature, the "experimental" & sweet Scum Rock). I will also be inviting many of the other real indie/DIY filmmmakers that I've been blogging about for the last year or so to participate in the fest. Specially the self-distributing ones.

Submitting films:
Real indie* filmmakers can submit their feature length (around 80 minutes or longer) fiction films (*ultra-low/"no" budget films without hollywood or indiewood stars, made outside of Hollywood or Indiewood money & control, comedies & dramas generally - other genres feel free to take a chance, extra points for self-distributed movies) starting now. Films made in any year are eligible. I expect to have a final line up by May 1. I plan on screening 10-12 movies at this festival. No submission fee. Mail a DVD with contact info. & any press material to:

Sujewa Ekanayake
Wild Diner Films
10408 Montgomery Ave
Kensington, MD 20895

If you want me to return the screener DVDs, include a self-addressed stamped envelop.

Benefits to filmmakers:
1. each filmmaker will receive 15% of money generated from the ticket sales to the screening of their film or a $100 honorarium, whichever is greater,
2. assistance with meeting the travel, housing and food expenses associated with attending the screening of your film (yes, there are lots of details to be worked out on this item, will work it out on a filmmaker by filmmaker basis since each one's needs will be different, the goal is to make it relatively easy for each filmmaker to attend their screening while keeping overall expenses to the fest low/reasonable),
3. relentless Washington, DC area publicity for the film & the filmmaker in '07, leading up to & during the festival
3.5. in addition, filmmakers may sell DVDs of their films & other related merchandise at the festival

Screening Format Info: Films will be screened from beta tapes. With DVD as a back up projection format. Filmmakers will have to provide their films on beta tapes and on DVDs if their films are selected for the fest. Will have more information on this item very soon.

A more formal & detailed announcement, a web site, a blog, a yahoo group & more KRIFF stuff are all coming very soon!

In the meantime, leave a comment or contact me at if there is a question, concern or if you have tips on creating an excellent real indie film festival.

Also get in touch if you would like to assist: volunteer, donate money or goods & services, or if you want to advertise on festival publicity material & websites.


- Sujewa

ps: it's gonna be K-RIFFick! :) (yes, that will be on a retro-50's font sportin' t-shirt, jacket, hat, etc., being sold soon for KRIFF fundraising purposes)


This post re: The Kensington Real Independent Film Festival (KRIFF) Copyright 2007 Sujewa Ekanayake


Mike Hedge said…
yo. this sounds awesome!

We have a short that could play at your fest. it's 12 minutes. the whole thing was shot using still photos.

Anyways great work. great blogs.

Mike (friends with Lance...workbookproject and FEM)

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