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1 year anniversary of Date Number One premiere in 15 days! :: indieWIRE's Blogs We Love page readers are probably pretty tired of reading about DNO :)

Man, things in the DIY indie film world can take a loooong time to get done. It's like fighting underwater with a non hydro-dynamic haircut (and here i am hoping that hydro-dynamic means the same thing as aero-dynamic, except, u know, for water). Anyway, the months have rolled by, this May 13 will be the 1 year anniversary of the World Premiere of Date Number One.

I better have the DVD available for sale before 5/13.

Once the DVD is ready, I can get busy with some other DNO distribution & promotional things that I want to try.

The other important project right now is trying to get a ton of DC area press coverage for the 1 week DNO run in Kensington; July 12 - 18. Scroll a few posts down for more info. on that run.


Topic # 2:

There are two ways most people who encounter this blog end up doing so; either by dialing up the blog directly or by seeing my blog posts at indieWIRE's Blogs page (under Blogs We Love) - which carries a portion of each of my entries on their Blogs page & also links to the full entry. Now, most people who have blogs that are carried by iW don't write about the same movie over & over, day after day, and that's a very good thing. But, a few months ago I switched from writing about general indie film stuff to mostly writing about Date Number One stuff when important DNO things happen so that I can focus on getting other stuff done besides blogging. Also, at some point a couple of months back, my posts stopped appearing at indieWIRE - probably because I switched to Blogger 2. So I got very used to writing just about Date Number One, not having to think about people who may find my blog through iW & treating this blog as just a blog for DNO. Then, a few weeks ago I see that my posts are back on at iW - very cool, more readers, but I hope they are not bored by constantly reading about DNO. If so, apologies, but this blog is a very easy & very inexpensive way for me to spread the word (no matter how slowly) about the movie, so most likely I will keep writing about DNO as interesting things happen or every couple of days, whichever comes first. I am going to try to mix it up a little just for the benefit of iW readers, thus the Humanitarian Activism blog-a-thon project & the Beats & Film blog-a-thon project (see links sections on right for both those projects), and posts about other indie/DIY films and related topics.


Alright, next time we talk I better have the DNO DVDs ready for sale. And it better be before May 13.

In the meantime, check out Chuck Tryon's review of Date Number One, which he saw at the May 13, '06 World Premiere, almost 1 year ago.

- Sujewa


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