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10 new features in 12 months project

So I got a second day job - assistant manager at a very cool video store in DC, started it last week. This will mean that although my 5 day work week will be much busier, I will have some extra money, a little more so than before, every week (plus health insurance! - mom will be happy :). I've got 2 days off (mostly off) from day job work every week, so that's 8 days a month, definitely enough time to shoot a "no" budget DV feature. There seems to be a shortage of good real indie movies by minority directors, or at least good real indie movies featuring minority & multi-ethnic or integrated casts, and I have a bunch of unproduced scripts & a ton of new ideas for "no" budget features, so, all this equals:

Sujewa's 10 Features In 12 Months Project

Bangor Films' Todd Verow & co. did something similar a few years ago; made several DV features in a short amount of time. So this is definitely doable. The goal is; from May '07 until May '08, make 10 feature length movies. I would have made the goal 12 movies but I know I will be very busy in July with Date Number One's 1 week or longer run in Kensington and in most of mid-late August & early September with The Kensington Real Independent Film Festival (KRIFF), so 10 features in 12 months it is.

Actors & musicians & crew members interested in working on these projects, send me an e-mail ( or leave a comment.

We shoot the first of the ten new features in May; it will be a comedy about making "no" budget movies, tentatively titled Filmmaking For The Poor (FFTP). The film will be shot in the Washington, DC area.

In April, this month, the Date Number One DVD will be available for sale. I plan on making each new feature available for sale on DVD as soon as they are completed - so, we should be able to see the May feature in June. Screenings of each new feature will happen throughout the year & the months & years to come, when & wherever possible.

Even if the entire project takes longer than 12 months to complete, it definitely feels like a very good thing to attempt.

Will have updates on each film as things get done.

- Sujewa


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