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4 members of the Asian-American DIY/real indie wave: Araki, Moritsugu, Cajayon, & Pak

Inspiring & Noteworthy Ultra-low/"No" budget/low budget Real Indie/DIY Projects By 4 Asian-American Filmmakers:

:: Early Greg Araki movies (The Living End, etc.)

:: Early Jon Moritsugu movies (My Degeneration, Hippy Porn, etc.) & his 2003 Hi-8 feature Scumrock
- Moritsugu also self-distributes many of his movies

:: Gene Cajayon's The Debut
- not sure how low budget this movie was but it surely was low budget by indiewood standards. but more importantly, this film is proof that theatrical self-distribution can earn some serious money - The Debut reportedly earned over a million dollars during its theatrical run

:: Greg Pak's Robot Stories
- same deal as The Debut re: budget, low, but not like $5K I think, and this one featured a little bit of Hollywood talent, but, definitely real indie: low budget & self-distributed, also with "non-traditional" casting - which is always very interesting.

If you have not seen the movies mentioned above or any movies by the filmmakers mentioned above, go get busy & check them out. GreenCine will have most of the Moritsugu stuff. Most home video/DVD places should carry Araki's stuff & also Cajayon's The Debut & Pak's Robot Stories. If you are at all interested in American indie filmmaking, self-distribution, real indie film, & DIY film, get to know the above mentioned filmmakers & their projects. Might be very useful, rewarding & entertaining for you. Might also be new sources of inspiration.

bonus material: notes1 from panel discussion featuring Araki & Moritsugu, and notes 2.

- Sujewa


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