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Entourage plus more realism/sadness/darkness = Unscripted, another awesome HBO show

HBO continues to put the rest of the filmed entertainment making industry to shame with their awesome shows (Rome, Entourage, Curb Your Enthusiasm, etc.). How does HBO keep coming up with hit after hit (actually, i am not sure if the HBO shows i dig are really "hits", but HBO does keep cranking out some very excellent work, as far as my eyes & brain are concerned)?

Anyway, if you are an Entourage fan and you want to see more along those lines but perhaps with characters with less access to Hollywood success & more struggle, then check out HBO's show Unscripted. It is out on DVD (probably has been for some time, i just saw 10 or 12 episodes for the first time yesterday). Unscripted follows a young actor & his friends, all actors (unlike in Entourage), as they tackle Hollywood. The tone is less light, more dramatic. There is a lot of fun & funny moments in the show also. But generally, Unscripted is darker than Entourage. But very good, check it out, nice way to fill the time between new Entourage episodes.

Oh yeah, of course it would be nice to see one of these HBO young-actors-trying-to-make-it or making it type shows feature a couple of minority actors in lead roles (Arri's assistant doesn't count, not cool enough, also a minor character). Surely all the new talent trying to make it in Hollywood are not "white". Keep that in mind Mark Wahlberg (Entourage exec producer), George Clooney & Steven Soderbergh (Unscripted exec producers) & HBO people. Thanks.

- Sujewa


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