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New Yorker Films looks very interesting

The list of filmmakers that New Yorker Films has worked with is very impressive; ranges from Godard to Jarmusch & beyond.

Here is a little about the company from their About Us page:

" The company was founded in 1965 by Daniel Talbot as an outgrowth of his legendary movie house, the New Yorker Theater. Unable to obtain several crucial foreign titles, Talbot was obliged to import them himself. Early acquisitions such as Bertolucci's BEFORE THE REVOLUTION, Godard's LES CARABINIERS, and Sembene's BLACK GIRL established New Yorker's still vital tradition of presenting the world's most innovative, artistically significant, and politically engaged films."

And I also found this paragraph about the company to be very interesting & inspiring:

"In a time when the term "independent" has been loosely applied to subsidiaries of giant conglomerates, New Yorker stands as the most durable, important, and truly independent of independent film distributors. It is beholden to no other company, and it continues to be shaped by the enthusiasm and vision of its very active founder. In its fourth decade and going strong, New Yorker Films still represents the vanguard of film distribution in the United States."

Perhaps New Yorker Films is a model of sorts for people who are thinking about starting up American indie & foreign film distribution companies. And perhaps a possible collaborator on projects down the road.

- Sujewa


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