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The post-blogger life or slowing the blogging down to just the essential announcements

Blogging is fun, but not as fun as making movies & distributing them. So, starting now, I am only going to blog when I absolutely must (announcements, press release type posts, dealing with stuff specifically dealing with Date Number One or one of my other projects). This might enable me to get more movies made & out this year (plus get more day job work done, & also be lazy & not do much more often :). Will be keeping an eye on all my blogs & posting stuff in them when absolutely necessary (one project that needs to be finished - and might have to be kept up from time to time - is adding links to Indie Features & also this blog), and will of course be reading other people's blogs & commenting when necessary, but otherwise, I am pretty much semi-retired from blogging & related activities - starting right now.

Coming in the next few weeks from this "semi-retired from blogging" blogger, @ this blog: more info. on The Kensington Real Independent Film Festival (the fest will have its own blog - starting at some point this month, will blog a lot there on the days leading up to & during the fest Sept 6 - 9), info. on the July 12 - 18 run of Date Number One in Kensington, MD, and on the DNO DVD - which will be available for sale this month.

Thanks for reading. Keep in touch. See ya at a screening!

- Sujewa


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