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Posted an article on Mumblecore at IndieFilmPedia

IndieFilmPedia is a very new wiki project started by several indie filmmakers and indie film fans, including myself. I just posted an article on the Mumblecore film movement at the pedia. Being a wiki doc, the article will most likely get changed, altered, perhaps improved upon (as if that's possible :), by others, in days & weeks to come. So, here is the original version of the article, what I posted a few minutes ago:

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Mumblecore (also Mumblecorps or The Mumblecore Film Movement) is the name of an early 21st century American independent film movement. The term Mumblecore originated around 2005 and then became better known in certain segments of the independent film industry (specially by filmmakers and bloggers who closely follow indieWIRE's reporting), and more discussed, following the 2007 edition of the SXSW film festival. Mumblecore generally refers to films by Andrew Bujalski, Joe Swanberg, Aaron Katz, Duplass brothers: Mark Duplass and Jay Duplass, and their film production collaborators, most of whom are also their friends (see this color coded chart at Cinephiliac: [1]). Mumblecore movies, as of 2007, are low budget, shot almost all on digital video or another video format (except for Bujalski's Funny Ha Ha and Mutual Appreciation, which were shot on motion picture film), are self-distributed or are distributed by small companies. Mumblecore movies feature young characters; twentysomethings and characters in their late teens, attempting to figure out their romantic relationships, work lives, and the general direction of, or the lack of direction, in their lives. Inability to clearly express themselves at crucial moments is displayed by several characters in Mumblecore movies, and that may have been the source of inspiration for the name of the movement. Mumblecore filmmakers often work on each others projects and, as of April 2007, have exhibited a general disregard for the following Hollywood formulas for box office success: excessive violence, heavy reliance on sex, use of recognizable movie stars. Media journalist Anthony Kaufman, SXSW film festival programmer Matt Dentler, and indieWIRE's editor-in-chief Eugene Hernandez have all written about Mumblecore in positive terms in 2007. Some Mumblecore titles: Kissing On The Mouth, LOL, Hannah Takes The Stairs,Funny Ha Ha, Mutual Appreciation, The Puffy Chair, Dance Party USA, Quiet City. Some critics of Mumblecore (see comments at following article by Anthony Kaufman: [2]) have stated that the movement is a "white slacker" movement and others have complained about the apparent lack of minority participation in the Mumblecore movies. However, Bujalski's Mutual Appreciation [3], the most widely distributed and praised of the Mumblecore movies as of April 2007, does contain one minority actor in a significant role; Seung-Min Lee in the role of Sara the DJ. In addition, Joe Swanberg's 2007 film Hannah Takes The Stairs was produced by Anish Savjani, who appears to be non-white [4], and, being an independent film producer, is most likely not a slacker. Critical, film festival, and a significant amount of on-line responses at blogs and message boards regarding individual Mumblecore movies and the movement as a whole have been generally positive, as of April 2007.
External Links
indieWIRE interview with Andrew Bujalski, Mumblecore discussed [5]
Color coded chart at website Cinephiliac; illustrates Mumblecore connections as of Spring 2007 [6]
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