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The Stop All This Violence & Killing Blog-A-Thon/Humanitarian Activism Blog-A-Thon

All these wars & fighting & killing around the planet is making it difficult for us to be happy. So, those of us interested in peace must speak up, talk, tell, push, yell, maneuver & force combatants and killers and other people who use violence to try to achieve their objectives to stop. So, a project: eternal anti-violence blog-a-thon: people around the planet blogging about ending violence, celebrating anti-violence success stories, blogging about great strategies and examples - courses of action that take people away from killing & maiming & violence as a conflict resolution tool. Also blogging about related issues: ending poverty, hunger, etc. - dealing with stuff that leads to frustration & violence. This project might lead to some good things. Project starts today. Open ended, no closing date set at the moment. I am going to blog about the topic as often as I can, several times a week. If you post something related to ending wars/fighting/killing, and ending the use of violence as an acceptable course of action in human affairs or about a related humanitarian activist & or positive development topic, let me know, will check it out & might link to it if it is totally or mostly in line with the goal of the project (that being making a positive contribution to making the world a less violent & more livable & enjoyable place). Thanks.

- Sujewa


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