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We grieve with you Virginia Tech

As everyone in the country and probably the world must know by now, a horrible tragedy happened earlier today at Virginia Tech; just a couple of hours from where I write this, at a college with many connections to families & individuals throughout the DC area. 33 people are dead, a senseless loss, and thousands of others are deeply affected by the shootings today. It is difficult to come up with words that seem sufficient, words that are able to properly deal with the magnitude of the loss experienced today by the Virginia Tech community. I am sure that millions of us throughout the country and the world grieve with you tonight Virginia Tech. We wish you the best in dealing with today's tragic events, and many of us will no doubt gladly do what we can to try to make things even a little better for you.



Here is the link to a blog by filmmaker and Virginia Tech professor Paul Harrill.

Virginia Tech's website

Google search with links to many stories re: Virginia Tech tragedy.


- Sujewa


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